treat arthritis with lidocaine cream Lidocaine cream is an numbing agent that is applied directly on the skin. It deadens nerves that transmit pain impulses to the brain. The most common uses involve preparation and numbing prior to invasive skin procedures like inserting an IV. Lidocaine is also used to limit pain during tattoo procedures.

Recent studies have shown that lidocaine cream is also a very effective remedy for arthritis pain. Many brands do not require a prescription. These types of creams are not intended to slow the progression of arthritis. But they can be very helpful for managing pain on a daily basis.

If you use lidocaine cream, it is a good idea to cover the application with a non-absorbing wrap. Lidocaine is also widely available in patch form.

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borage seed oil for treating arthritisA natural supplement called borage seed oil can be an effective treatment for arthritis sufferers. This oil comes from the seeds of the borage plant and has many uses, including treatment for eczema, dermatitis, and diabetes.

Borage benefits arthritis sufferers due to a fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This agent very often offers anti-inflammatory characteristics. Borage seed oil is taken orally as a dietary supplement and can be an effective part of your daily pain management program.

The risk of side effects from borage seed oil are limited. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid taking any substance containing borage. Also, those having liver disease should not take borage seed oil.

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how to spot symptoms of rheumatoid arthritisKnowing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis is an important aspect for early diagnosis. If RA can be spotted and treated early, you will have a far greater chance of limiting the progression and severity of this disease.

The obvious symptoms are joint pain and inflammation. But there are other clues that may indicate the onset of rheumatoid arthritis. Here is a partial list:

  • Shortness of breath or chest pain.
  • Tingling or numbness.
  • Inability to move feet or hands.
  • Spots on fingertips.
  • Red, inflamed eyes.
  • Stomach pain.
  • High fever or infection.
  • Loss of energy or fatigue.
  • Bone fracture.
  • Bruising easily.

It is important to note that rheumatoid arthritis does not only affect joints. It is a disease of the immune system and can affect many different body tissues. Any combination of the symptoms shown above should result in a prompt visit to your doctor.

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capsaicin creamApplying capsaicin cream is often a very effective way to ease arthritis pain. Bear in mind that topical applications like capsaicin will not slow the progression of your disease. Capsaicin is meant to be part of your daily pain management program to reduce the painful effects and allow to to improve your quality of life.

Capsaicin provides a temporary block against substance-P, a chemical that sends pain messages to our brains. One study showed a 57% reduction in pain for rheumatoid arthritis patients when applying capsaicin 4 times a day to affected joints.  Not all studies have shown results this dramatic, but you can see that this can provide significant results.

It is a good idea to use caution when first using capsaicin cream. You will feel a warming sensation on your skin. Applying too much may result in a very uncomfortable burning feeling. So go easy until you get a good feel for how your skin reacts.

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sam-e side effectsFortunately, sam-e side effects are very limited. Initially developed as a supplement to treat depression, it was found to show improvements in many types of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis. All of this was quite accidental, but it works. So, we are often able to reduce our pain and improve our moods at the same time. Good deal!

The primary function of sam-e is to facilitate the production of a brain hormone called serotonin. Many drugs that treat depression also produce additional serotonin. So, if you are taking Prozac or any other anti-depressant, adding sam-e might result in a serotonin overload. The effects of too much serotonin generally are anxiety or shivering. Not the end of the world, but you might back off of the sam-e if these conditions occur.

There are  few other medications that do not react well with sam-e for the same reason. Too much serotonin. These include Robitussin DM (who would have guessed?), levoposa for Parkinson’s, and demoral. You might see the same side effects: anxiety or shivering.

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arthritis pain reliefThere are many different ways to approach arthritis pain relief. As you would expect, different types of arthritis call for different remedies. But all of these different options do fall into 3 general categories.

The first is prescription drugs. There are many many choices here. These medications can be classified as NSAID’s, DMARD’s, or biologics. Depending on your situation, taking these drugs can be very effective for reducing pain. But they can produce difficult side effects. A tough choice, to be sure. The best approach is to talk to your doctor, and try it.

Next, there are a variety of daily pain management remedies available. Things like natural supplements, topical creams and applications, and various massage techniques can help any arthritic condition. Keep in mind these approaches are not meant to cure your disease. They can provide temporary relief and allow you to live a better quality of life on a day-to-day basis.

Finally, there is diet and exercise. I realize how difficult it is to exercise when you are in pain. But the results are worth it in almost every case. And staying away from acidic foods will help prevent inflammation flare-ups.

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pain management remedies for treatment of rheumatoid arthritisThere are many options available for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. They can be classified into 3 categories:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Daily Pain Management
  • Lifestyle Changes

There are numerous prescription drugs available that actually slow the progression of RA and reduce pain and inflammation. A good example is Celebrex. These treatments are not cures, but they are extremely effective at not making your condition worse. The problem is the side effects. They can be prohibitive, especially if you have a heart condition. Be sure to discuss drug options thoroughly with your doctor.

Daily pain management includes practices you can implement every day to help reduce pain and joint inflammation. Good examples of pain management remedies for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis are adding a Sam-e supplement, applying arthritis creams, or massage. These are not meant to slow the progression of arthritis, but to deal with the resulting pain to improve your everyday activities.

It is a mistake to underestimate the positive effects of lifestyle changes on your condition. These include a healthy diet and exercise. It is well known that unhealthy foods contribute to inflammation of joints. I know that exercise can be difficult when you are in pain, but any physical activity can help immensely.

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Arthritis Cream

Arthritis CreamUsing arthritis cream can be a very effective way to help relieve pain on a daily basis. These are topical solutions and are applied directly on the skin around the painful area. There are various types of creams available comprised of many different ingredients.

Some of these pain remedies are only available with a doctor’s prescription. These options are always more expensive and can lead to significant side effects. But they are very often extremely effective.

There are also a wide variety of over-the-counter alternatives. Capsaicin cream, lidocaine cream, and emla cream are all excellent alternatives that you can apply on a regular basis.

In addition, many people have experienced significant pain relief using homeopathic alternatives. The most common all natural cream or gel product is called arnica.

It is important to realize that everyone responds differently to the various arthritis cream alternatives. The best approach is to try a number of different choices to see which creams work most effectively for you.

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Sam-e Supplement

Sam-e supplementUsing a quality Sam-e supplement is an excellent option to help manage arthritis pain on a daily basis. Available as an over the counter dietary supplement, it is an amino acid derivative designed to improve many of our body’s functions.

Sam-e is thought to be involved in 35 different biochemical processes in our bodies. It has been shown to reduce joint inflammation swelling. This supplement often improves joint mobility and treats arthritis pain. Many users experience significant relief from bursitis and tendinitis as well.

Originally developed as a treatment for depression, Sam-e may act as mood-enhancing booster as well. This can be extremely helpful when dealing with arthritis on a daily basis.

If you choose to try this supplement, be sure to include a B-Vitamin supplement as well. This will greatly improve the positive effects of Sam-e.

Although available without a prescription, we recommend you check with your doctor before trying this supplement. He or she can help determine the proper dosage.

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diet and exercise for treating rheumatoid arthritis painRheumatoid arthritis pain is not only a problem for the elderly. It can affect people of all ages. This is a disease of the immune system, resulting in joint inflammation. The results are joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and possible loss of joint function.

There are many prescriptions available to treat rheumatoid arthritis. They can be effective in slowing the damage to joints. These drugs are expensive and run the risk of inducing ever-frightening side effects. These options should be discussed with your doctor.

Other treatments such as topical applications and message can be included in your daily pain management program. Although they are not intended to treat the disease itself, they can be very helpful at allowing daily activities while minimizing resulting pain.

The positive effects of diet and exercise for treating rheumatoid arthritis pain should not be overlooked. A qualified physical therapist can help determine what exercise will be most helpful. Coupled with proper dietary habits, exercise can really improve your quality of life.

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